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Author: syilla

1.Real name : noor syilla binti nor azawadi
2.Nickname : cila / bobot / c*m*t
3.Zodiac sign : cancer
4.Male or female : female
5.Elementary school : sekolah kebangsaan peringgit, melaka / srk convent teluk intan, perak
6.Highschool : smk convent teluk intan, perak / techsis, perak / teknik pertanian. perak
7.College : pusat teknologi & pengurusan lanjutan ( ptpl ) shah alam
8.Hair colour : black n half bleach ( for now )
9.Tall or short : short
10.Sweat or jeans : jeans
11.Phone or Camera : phone
12.Health freak : nope
13.Orange or apple : apple
14.Do you have a crush on someone? : maybe yes maybe no
15.Eat or drink : eat
16.Piercings : ears, nose, lower lip, end of left eye brow ( all was )
17.Pepsi or coke : pepsi


1.Been in an airplane : never
2.Been in relationship : like 30 plus plus times. haha
3.Been in a car accident : almost
4.Been a first fight : yep


1.First household chores : jgn mganggu kot. haha
2.First best friend : ekin ( skola rendah )
3.First award : first runner up for lompat tinggi n second runner up for 4x100 serentak!
4.First crush : kindergarden. malu i. haha
5.First word : mom never tell me
6.First section : sumpah xtao
7.Last person you talked to in person : indian customer
8.Last person you texted : ahmad samad! hehe
9.Last person you watched a movie with : ekin n indo
10.Last food you ate : nasi + telur goreng + sambal ikan bilis
11.Last movie you watched : muvie lama hantu cina. xtao tajuk.
12.Last song you listen to : moonlight densetsu
13.Last thing you bought : hot ticket rm15
14.Last person you hugged : em. indo kot. hihi


1.Food : pepperoni delight from pizza hut, kuah kacang mak + nasi impit
2.Drink : pepsi n mangga juice
3.Bottoms : boxer n jeans
4.Flower : lavender
5.Animal : was cat
6.Colour : ikot mood
7.Movie : any johny depp plays
8.Subject : business

(Put an X in the bracket if yes)

1.[X] falling in love with someone.

2.[   ] celebrate Halloween

3.[X] had your heart broken

4.[X] went over the minutes/ texts on your cellphone

5.[X] had someone question my sexual orientation

6.[   ] got pregnant

7.[   ] had an abortion

8.[X] did something i regret

9.[X] broke a promise

10.[X] hide a secret

11.[   ] pretend to be happy

12.[X] met someone who changed your life

13.[X] pretend to be sick

14.[   ] left the country

15.[X] try something you normally wouldn'try and liked it

16.[X] cried over the silliest thing

17.[X] ran a mile

18.[X] went to the beach with your best friend

19.[X] got into an argument with your friend

20.[XX] hated someone

21.[   ] stayed single for a whole year


1.Eating : -
2.Drinking : 100 PLUS
3.Listening to : andainya kau pergi by indigo
4.Sitiing or laying : sitting
5.Plan for today : balik keje - tido
6.Waiting : for end of shift


1.Want kids ? : of coz. 2 of em. hihi 
2.Want to get married : ya
3.Career : businesswoman


1.Lips or eyes : eyes
2.Shorter or taller : taller
3.Romantic or spontaneous : romantic
4.Nice stomach or nice arms : nice arms
5.Hook-up or relationship : hook up
6.Looks or personality : personality


1.Lost glasses/contacts : never
2.Snuck out of a house : times
3.Held a gun/knife for self defense : xberkesempatan
4.Killed somebody : yes. haha
5.Broken somebody heart : times. sorry guys. sorry mum
6.Been in love : couple of times maybe. hihi
7.Cried when someoned died : ya


1.Yourself : always
2.Miracles : sumtimes. lebih kpd hoping for miracles
3.Love at first sight : nope. itu sme body love je
4.Heaven : ya
5.Santa claus : i dont n never believe in santa
6.Superstition : not sure. never b4
7.Kiss on the first date : puppy love bole la. tolong matang plz


1. Is there one person you want to be with right now ? : ya
2. Do you know who your real friends are ? : i wish ako pasti
3. Do you believe in God ? : ya
4. Post as 100 truths ? : 98%


  1. syilla... saket tak tindik di kening...?? susa x nk jge??? weeeee~~~

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