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Author: syilla

esok genap umur aku 24 tahun . dah banyak sangat benda yang berlaku dalam hidup aku sampaikan aku rasa aku dah hidup selama ratusan tahun . pahit , manis , masam , masin , 2 rasa , 3 rasa . semua aku dah pernah rasa .

about a month ago . i was eagerly counting for tomorrow . keep wishing that my mom will come and bring me at least a cake . wishing that my best mates will throw a party , causing chaos just to make my day for my birthday . but since few days past . tiba tiba aku rasa aku taknak celebrate my birthday . i dont even want to hear any whishes . why ?

ive been thinking a lot . trying to catch the flash back since i was only a girl until now, a grown up woman . ive done nothing to make me want to celebrate my birth . you know what im saying ? nothing but tears for my dumbness and riang ketawa diatas kemenangan amarah aku . should i celebrate those ? i dont think so .

selepas mengenang and berfikir . i found out something . the only person yang patut dicelebrate on my birthday is my only mom . genap 24 tahun yang lepas , mak aku dalam kesakitan , bertarung dengan maut semata mata nak melahirkan aku . yes ! shes the one yang patut dicelebrate . dia yang bersusah payah pada tanggal 14 julai 1988 and aku pulak yang diraikan setiap tahun ? that is just not fair .

but still , you guys have my full appreciation if anyone out there still honestly want to wish or pray for me or planning something for my birthday . i do appreciate it . seriously . superduperiously serious . its just i think my mom deserve it more than me . so please pray for my mom too .

and together with this . i want to thank panpan gonjy and apam . they are sweet boys that really thought me the feeling how to be a mom . walaupun secara tak lansung . jaga budak yang baru nak kenal dunia ni betul betul buat aku faham perasaan mak aku sepanjang membesarkan aku . thank you panpan gonjy and apam .

and for my mom . im sorry cause sepanjang 24 tahun , i have only made you smile on one day , when you gave birth to your only daughter on 14th july 1988 , after gambling with death . i know its the only day . im sorry for that . truely sorry . so here it is . starting from this year , i promise it will always be you yang patut dicelebrate on 14th july . thank you mom . i love you damn much !


  1. oh my god... this entry brings tears to my eyes...
    Happy birthday dear girl... and I wish you all the happiness and the success in the world so that you can make your mom happy... :)

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